“One on One Computers has always been able to resolve any computer problem we have encountered, from hardware to software and security issues.  Todd Hensley is very responsive and very professional.  He goes the extra mile to make sure your technology is working quickly and efficiently.”

Tommy Ashburn

President, Sun Image Distributors, Inc. , Myrtle Beach

” Your fees are very competitive and reasonable.  You are truly worth every penny for your excellent service and expertise.”

Barbara & John Todd

Myrtle Beach

“Todd (Hensley) is the best! He has done an excellent job with our complicated system for years now and always gets it done quickly and correctly. Thanks Todd!”

Cooper Chapman

Co-Owner, Diamondback Classics, Conway

“I had previously relied on other supposed computer experts and had lost a lot of money.  Todd Hensley is a professional.  My computer is monitored at all times, and if I have a concern or problem, he is always accessible.”

Margaret Meechan

Murrells Inlet

“Todd Hensley at One on One Computers has gone over and above every chance he gets to provide our business with a smooth operating IT system. He answers his phone, is prompt with his service, and above all- is reliable. It’s comforting to know our business runs efficiently and is up to date with Todd and One on One Computers on our side. Thank you for everything!” (Google Review)

Rusty Jacobites

Diamondback Classics, Conway

“I had a real dilemma with a new laptop that continually lost the wifi connection. I tried everything I knew to fix the problem, with no success. I finally got so frustrated that I took the laptop back to the store for a full refund. I thought it was a hardware problem. Well, after buying a new laptop which was a different brand, I knew the problem would be resolved. Not so. Same thing. The new laptop kept dropping the wifi connection. I Finally called my good friend, Todd. He came over and did some troubleshooting and within a few minutes had the internet service provider on the phone. He concluded that the problem was the narrow security portal that was issued to my service agreement. He had them widen it and within a few seconds the problem was solved. I’m very grateful to Todd and lucky to have him as a friend! I’ve never had another problem with wifi connectivity.”

Jack Keller

Keller Coastal Properties, Sellstate Realty Group